Nishi-Izu Daruma-Dera


Daruma-Dera in Nishi-Izu 西伊豆の達磨寺

Doi Daruma Temple 土肥達磨寺

The famous Zen-priest Hakuin 白隠禅師
also walked the roads of Izu Peninsula. He came to Doi and had a good look at Mt. Fuji. So the official name of this temple is “Daruma-Temple close to Mt. Look-at-Fuji”. It belongs to the group of Hoorin-ji Temple in Kyoto.
Fujimi san Darumaji 富士見山

With respect to this name, the big statue, the biggest in Japan with about 5 meters hight, is called

fushimi Daruma 不死身達磨坐像 The ever-living Daruma
(Daruma who does not die)

One of the famous Daruma statues in the compounds is the“Daruma to cast a vow” gankake Daruma 願掛け達磨. You write your vow on a slip of paper and paste it on the statue. On January first of every year there is a big celebration where all the slips of the past year will be consecrated.

Statue of Daruma Standing 立ち達磨大師
CLICK for more . . . . . You can touch any part of his body which hurts on your own body and pray for good health. Daruma san is especially known for his strong legs, after all he walked quite a way if legend is true...
Usually we have a statue of Binzuru-sama ビンズルさま as a healer to touch (nadebotoke 撫で仏) You rub him on the spot where your own body hurts, but here our Daruma takes the part of the healer. Usually a Binzuru-sama has quite a well-polished, shining head ...

Shuin 朱印 temple stamp
CLICK for more photos . . . When you visit a temple, you can get a stamp like the following to prove you have been here, leave your money at the temple and take home the power of the place. Some people have a special book to collect 10000 stamps like this. For the many official pilgrimages, you get a special book or hanging scroll to collect these beautiful stamps. Usually the priest or his wife writes it for you and if it happens to be a lonely mountain temple you even get a coup of tea and sweets instead of paying your fee. For me it is always a good start for a conversation.
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. Kachi Mamori 勝守 to win a battle .


Fuufuu Daruma , meoto Daruma
夫婦だるま for a happy couple

You can get a special “talisman for a happy couple” at Anraku-ji temple in the town of Doi. The Husband Daruma has no eyes painted yet, so a girl paints one eye and wishes for a nice boyfriend. If she finds her man, she then paints the second eye. Therefore this Daruma is quite popular with lonely girls!

. . . . . Nishi-Izu is a beautiful area to take a hike and enjoy superb views of Mt. Fuji in the distance. It is easily reached on a daytrip from Tokyo, so here are some HPs to get around the Izu peninsula.
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CLICK for more photos . . . . . Nearby is a mountain called Daruma Mountain 達磨山 Daruma Yama, it takes about 3 houres and 30 Minutes to take this hike in the beautiful nature of Izu Peninsula with a splendid outlook at Mt. Fuji.


Priest Hakuin is quite a famous personality.
At temple Hozen-Ji he wrote

     All beings are primarily Buddhas.
     It is like water and ice:
     There is no ice apart from water;
     There are no Buddhas apart from beings.


Hakuin Ekaku ... 白隠 慧鶴 Hakuin Zenji


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