Anzan, o-mamori

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anzan o-Mamori, 安産お守り
Talismans for Safe Delivery

The most important item you buy when visiting a temple or shrine is some proof that you have been there, and the cheapest is a small keyholder with a little object and a little bell attached to it.
The objects can vary from the animals of the Asian zodiac to some special thing that will protect you in a certain situation.

Special talismans are used for
ko sasuke 子授御守 amulet for getting pregnant,
kodakara no ishi 子宝石 stone to get pregnant
obi iwai 帯祝い amulet for a safe pregnancy
and finally delivery (anzan) :

. Amulets during Pregnancy .

. Hioka jinja 日岡神社 in Kakogawa, Hyogo .
A special shrine for safe delivery prayers.


It is a custom to pray for a safe delivery and support during childrearing and go to a temple or shrine to buy a special talisman for this purpose. During the Edo period, raising a healthy child was quite a different undertaking from now, so people made an annual visit to a temple to pray, until the child was 13 years.

Annual Temple Visit for Children
(juusanmairi 十三参り)

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During the Edo period, there was a custom to bring a child to a special temple every year after birth until it was 13 (juusan). There was a different deity at each temple to introduce the child to and these 13 deities corresponded to the 13 benevolent deities that would later help the soul of the deceased to make its way through the various courts and judgements of hell, to have a good lawyer in the netherworld, so to speak.

To visit a different temple each year soon was too much for the busy people of Meiji times, so they cut it down to two visits, one after the birth and the last at age thirteen. There would soon be temples where the statues of all 13 deities were assembled to facilitate the visit. Since the main deity for the 13th visit was Kokuuzoo Bosatsu, his statue had to be the biggest. At Kakuon-ji temple in Kamakura, there is a cave with the statues of all these 13 deities well worth visiting.

It is said that the habit of this final temple visit started at the Hoorin-ji temple in Saga, Kyoto. When boys and girls reached the 13th birthday, usually the body starts to change and this sometimes means trouble. To ward all things off the family performs the last visit to a temple of Kokuuzoo Bosatsu to give thanks for sucessfull childrearing and pray for good fortune as a grown up. The special day for this visit was the 13th of April, the Special Day (ennichi 縁日) of Kokuuzoo. On the way back from the temple, you had to cross the bridge Togetsukyoo (渡月橋) at Arashiyama and until then the child was not allowed to look back, since this would reverse all the good luck just received at the temple - at least that is the folk lore.

Here is a list of all the 13 deities involved in this pilgrimage.
List of the 13 deities and their sanskirt name (juusanbutsu十三仏)

・ Fudo Myoo(Acalanatha Vidyaraja)
・ Shaka Nyorai (Shakyamuni Tathagata)
・ Monju Bosatsu (Manjusri Bodhisattva)
・ Fugen Bosatsu (Samantabhadra Bodhisattva)
・ Jizo Bosatsu (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva)
・ Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya Bodhisattva)
・ Yakushi Nyorai (Bhaisajyaguru Tathagata)
・ Kannon Bosatsu (Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva)
・ Seishi Bosatsu (Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva)
・ Amida Nyorai (Amithaba und Amitayus Tathagata)
・ Ashuku Nyorai (Aksobhya Tathagata)
・ Dainichi Nyorai (Mahavairocana Tathagata)
・ Kokuzo Bosatsu (Akasagarbha Bodhisattva)

Read more here
. Jusanbutsu, Juusanbutsu 十三仏
13 Protector Buddhas

Anzan Daruma from the Suitengu Shrine in Tokyo


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And even Mister Daruma with a headband is waiting for the child to be born, ready to give it a new name on the name card.

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Go-Taue anzan go-shinji, April 8
Planting rice and praying for safe delivery
In Shimane Prefecture, there is a special festival for this occasion on April 8th:
Anzan Taue Rituals - praying for safe birth and rice planting, shrine officials dress up as cows and young women and plant rice.
at Shrine Ako Jinja 安子神社(あこじんじゃ)

And on this HP you can order your Talisman for almost anything online, they offer a great variety for all occasions in a lifetime:

One very famous historical Anzan Talisman in the shape of a crystal pearl was used by Fujiwara no Ishii and then donated in 1034 to Kashima Shrine, later it was also used by Emperess Jinguu Koogoo.
宝物:白玉(二十四顆 水晶製)
鹿島の大神(おおかみ)はものごとのスタートを司る神様 生成発展を司る神様なので古来根強い安産信仰があり神功后(じんぐうこうごう)が奉納された常陸帯(披見不可)は、安産のお宜りとして、とても有名です


安産祈願の寺 Temples to pray for an easy delivery
束光寺安産薬師 Anzan Yakushi Nyorai

Ichi no Gozen Anzan sui "Water for an easy delivery"
一之御前安産水 (イチノゴゼンアンザンスイ)
愛知県豊明市沓掛町一之御前 Aichi Prefecture
The story goes back to the Muromachi period, when a young woman (Ichi no Gozen) got the water from the lord of the domain and then had an easy delivery.
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So there is a connection with Daruma and a safe delivery. Usually the Buddhist deities Kannon Bosatsu or Jizoo Bosatsu are responsible for problems with children. But Anzan Talismans may even have been used during the Yayoi Period.

When we were pregnant with the idea of buying an old farmhouse, a priest at Daisen Shrine told me to buy his Anzan Mamori.
“It is not only good for birth,
but for anything new you start, a business or something.
So try this one!”

And he was right: after just two months (very fast and seldom in this part of the traditional countryside) we bought our new home, Paradise Hermitage (GokuRakuAn) and have lived happily ever after with this new CHILD Venture!

大山神社 From Shrine Daisen Jinja

. Mount Daisen 大山 in Yonago
and the Old Road of Izumo 出雲街道


Some small Daruma Talismans
お守り o-mamori

A green one is available too.

Daruma san is also often used as o-mamori, even in the version with his eyes popping out as a sign of extra good luck. Me ga deru.



On this HP you can order your Talisman for almost anything online, they offer a great variety for all occasions in a lifetime:
オンラインで注文する 安産の御守り 生まれてくるすべての生命と母体を災いから守ります。
Click on any of the pictures for the small talismans, wooden votive plates (ema) and the others.


gookaku - To pass an examination 合格祈願 Gokaku Kigan

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From Imamiya Shrine 今宮神社

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Modern Times

for your cellphone 携帯電話をお守り keitai denwa

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kame daruma 亀だるまストラップ Daruma and tortoise
strap for your cellphone


for good programming ポログラム

shield to stick on your gadgets
2006, (お守りだるま) iPOD DARUMA


A friend send me this one
the article says
that Shinto believes "...nearly every object in the world, animate or inanimate, has a spiritual essense....therefore anything can be blessed, from a newborn child to an automobile."
Priests at the Kanda Myojin Shrine 神田明神 which is more than 1200 years old and overlooks Akihabara--Tokyo's mecca for consumer electronics offer prayers for the well-being of gadgets. Keep your cellphone well, keep your computer running, keep you from loosind your job ...

To keep your job in the IT business

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summer at the shrine -
he buys a talisman
to keep his job

Gabi Greve, June 2009


Food in a talisman set

From Shrine Omi Jinguu 近江神宮

3 go of rice and some senbei are in the package for traffic safety.


Ema, votive plaquets

This is a special small wooden plate you buy at the temple or shrine, write your wish on the back side and hang it on a special board provided in the temple grounds.

Ema 絵馬 <> Votive Plaques, Votive Tablets, Prayer Boards


Here is a little Daruma figure to protect you.
Ichidai mamori Honzon 達磨の一代守り本尊もあります。

Further down on this page you can see a lot more of other Buddhist deities as personal protector statues.


More about Pilgrimages, the most extensive site of Mark Schuhmacher

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Medashi Daruma ... with protruding eyes ... 目だしダルマ
another version of the ME GA DERU !

Daruma Museum : Shrines, Temples and Things Japanese

Welcome to O-Mamori ! お守り 
. Talismans, Amulets and Toys of Japan .
a gallery of the Daruma Museum

. Amulets during Pregnancy .

ryuu no otoshiko 竜のおとし子 "born child of a dragon"


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Legend from Aichi 愛知県  
豊田市 Toyota city 簗平町 Yanadaira town

The 阿弥陀堂 The Amida Do Hall was located at 岩倉公会堂 the Iwakura Community Center.
If pregnant women went there to pray, they would have an easy birth.