Hino Merchants


Hino Shoonin 日野商人 Hino Merchants

Hino Shonin Daruma Exhibition


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Omi Hino Merchant Museum 近江日野商人館 Omihino Shoninkan -
a museum dedicated to the history of the Hino Merchants.

Hino has a long history.
The earth here was first tilled some 2,000 years ago. The town also produced a number of Omi Shonin, or Omi merchants, businessmen who created wealth through commerce during the Edo period (1600-1867). The Omi merchants ran their businesses in the spirit of sanpo-yoshi, which meant,

“good for the buyer,
good for the seller, and
good for society,”

always remembering to share their wealth with the towns where they operated.

aking a hint from sanpo-yoshi, the Omi-Hino Council for the Promotion of Rural Life Experiences offers heartwarming and uplifting exchange with Hino residents in natural settings. Based on the motto,
“Renewed confidence and pride to the host (the seller)! Life to the community (society)! Memorable experiences to those who visit (the buyer)!” its program offers tourists a glimpse into the heart of rural Japan.
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Hino Merchant Museum 近江日野商人


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近江商人土人形 clay dolls from tradesmen of Omi

a lot are displayed at the manor of 中江準五郎邸
Shiga Gokasho village 五個荘 - 滋賀県東近江市五個荘金堂町643
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Hino merchants came into being a bit later than the
Hachiman merchants 八幡商人, in 1690.

They were allowed to travel the highroads and have special lodgings for their group.


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Other attractions in Hino

Blumen Hugel (ブルーメの丘 Buruume no Oka) is a German themed agricultural park offering some German import foods such as beer and cheese. There are also opportunities for making foods such as sausage and bread. Animals such as cows and horses can be seen as well as a variety of flowers.

Omi Hino Merchant Museum (近江日野商人館 Omihino Shoninkan) is a museum dedicated to the history of the Hino Merchants.

Hino Castle Ruins (日野城跡 Hino-joato) are ruins of a castle that is said to have once been used as a place of refuge for Oda Nobunaga.

Dahlia Garden (ダリア園 Daria-en) is a garden that displays thousands of Dahlia during summer and autumn and offers strawberry picking around March.

Grimm Adventure Forest (グリム冒険の森 Gurimu Boken no Mori) is a themed campground based on Grimm's Fairy Tales. It offers cottage and tent camping. There are many extra activities for children such as baking with a stone oven and dying fabrics.

Hino Festival (日野祭 Hino Matsuri) is Hino's largest festival, and one of Shiga's biggest, held on May 2nd and 3rd every year. Large traditional floats called "hikiyama" are pulled through town. Many people from around Shiga and other prefectures come to watch this historic event.
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