pokkuri Daishi


pokkuri Daishi ポックリ大師 / ぽっくり大師
Kobo Daishi granting sudden death

- Read the introduction of the famous Tendai priest here :
. Kobo Daishi, Kukai 弘法大師 空海 .

pokkuri  ぽっくり / ポックリ to pray for a sudden death,
"drop dead" - "pop off"

".. old people want to die without suffering from long-term illness so that their family members would not have to provide care for them such as helping them to the toilet and changing diapers."
. pokkuri  ぽっくり amulets for a sudden death, .  


Fukusenji 福泉寺 Fukusen-Ji
横浜市緑区長津田3113, Yokohama

Temple Nr. 65 of the Henro Pilgrimage of Bando (Kanto region)

The chant of the temple is
けさみれば つゆふくせんじ にわのこけ 
さながらるりの ひかりなりけり
- source : www.kanto88.net

This temple had been patronized by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

source : home.r07.itscom.net/hajime-k

pokuri 保久利 pokkuri - to drop dead
pokkuri Daishi ぽっくり大師

People pray first to Kannon to prevent senility, next to a statue of Yakushi Nyorai to grant general health and then to Kobo Daishi himself to help them "drop dead" in good health.
So at this temple, people pray three times

pin pin korori PPK(ピンピンコロリ)
for health, health and sudden death

pinpin ピンピン means genki, good health.

Before the statue of Kobo Daishi is also some sacred sand from the Henro temple in Shikoku

. o-sunafumi, osunafumi お砂踏み
stepping on sacred sand .

- - - -

There is a Jizo to take away warts in the compound.
. ibotori Jizoo イボ取り地蔵尊 .

- Homepage of the temple
- source : www.fukusenji.jp

- - - - -

The Kannon to prevent senility
bokefuuji Kannon ぼけ封じ観音

. Boke yoke, boke-yoke ボケ除け - ぼけ除け not to become senile .
- bokefuuji ボケ封じ boke


Hassaki Daishi Doo 泊崎大師堂 Hassaki Daishi Hall
Tsukuba town, Hassaki village つくば市泊崎(旧稲敷郡茎崎町)

The Daishi Hall is on hill, overlooking the swamp Ushiku numa 牛久沼.

The temple was famous for enmusubi 縁結び finding a good partner and praying 長寿 long life, but now is more famous for its pokkuri visitors.

Kukai visited here around 808 and performed fire rituals to appease the local deities.
In the compounds are even the nana fushigi 弘法の七不思議 seven wonders about Kobo Daishi:

一、koma no ashi-ato 駒の足跡 footprints of the horse he came
一、boke  木瓜 quince bush by the roadside did not bring fruit after Kukai had passed
一、sakamatsu, saka matsu 逆松 "upside-down pine" grew from his pine walking stick
一、suzuri mizu 硯水 water for grinding Chinese ink, to become skilfull at calligraphy
一、dokkofuji, dokko fuji 独鈷藤 wisteria looking like his dokko single-pronged vajra
一、goyoo sugi 五葉の杉 pine tree with five needles each
一、nokkoshi 法越 Kukai jumped over the river on horseback

- reference : www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~miur


Arakuma Jinja 荒熊神社
ぽっくり弘法大師の社 pokkuri Kobo Daishi Shrine
愛知県知多郡南知多町山海高座10番地, Aichi, Southern Chita city

Once upon a time there was a cloth merchant in Oodakachoo 大高町 in Nagoya, named Tsu no Kuniya 津の国屋. The grandmother of this store was an ardent believer in Kobo Daishi and prayed to him every day. When she felt her final day come closer she took Kobo Daishi (?his statue) by the arm, went to this shrine and asked for an amulet. Then she went home and passed on happily.

Now there are three statues of Kobo Daishi in the shrine compound

- Deities in residence

Arakuma Ookami 荒熊大神(あらくまおおかみ) Arakuma Okami
Kumataka Ookami 熊鷹大神(くまたか) Kumataka Okami
Chooju Aizuchi no Mikoto 長者合槌命(ちょうじゃあいづちのみこと) Choju Aizuchi no Mikoto

Arakuma Okami is also a protector of the health and people pray to get healthy soon.

- Homepage of the shrine
- source : www12.plala.or.jp/arakuma

source : park3.wakwak.com/~kyotosakkon
Arakuma Okami at a shrine in Kokyo 東山区、東三條社
Daishoogun Jinja 大将軍神社

. konya 紺屋 and aizome 藍染 deity .

愛知県 Aichi 南知多町 Minami Chita

arakuma no ookami 荒熊の大神 The Deity Arakuma
Once the dyer 大西 Onishi tried many times to make some 藍染 indigo dye but just did not hit it right. So he prayed to the deity 荒熊大神 for help. And indeed, the deity let him know how to prepare just the right indigo color. He could now make wonderful Yukata cloth and his reputation grew far and wide.

Arakuma Shrine in Chita 荒熊神社
- source : japannavi.co.jp/chita-


. pokkuri  ぽっくり amulets for a sudden death .  

. Festivals, Ceremonies, Rituals - SAIJIKI .


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pokkuri Daishi, Arakuma Jinja 荒熊神社
Once upon a time, an old man of 92 years fell down by the wayside and could not get up any more. From out of nowhere came Dobo Daishi, poked him with his walking staff and helped him get up again. The old man thanked him very much. After a week, the old man died peacefully.